This can be caused by a request to Google that was not completed.

Possible causes

1) Google did not have time to return all the addresses before you closed the software.
To a synchronize of the data, click on the section named "places" and go to the end of the list.

See to it that all the places are downloaded.

2) A loss of communication of internet occurred

3) If there are no place downloads, it is possible that a firewall is preventing the Manager from retrieving the information over the Internet from Google. In this case, verify the permissions of your firewall.

4) It is possible, in high demand period that Google is slower than normal. (Beginning or end of the month)

5) If you are using the software on a visualization software on a Mac such as Parallel of version 6 and less.

Update to version 8 or use Oracle Virtual box ( see

6) Your PC has communications problems on the USB port and not all data is transferred

To verify,

1) Click the "Places" button

2) Go down the list until places are unknown.


Right click on one of the places,

Click "Look up" and then "All"

The Manager, will redo the request to Google.

The numbers of places to be received will posted at the bottom of the page and will come down as the placed are sent back from Google.

At the end, you just have to click on the "Save" button and you're done.