The TL1000 is powered by a UBS port and uses a mini USB cable.  (Windows 10 , please follow this link )


When connected to a PC, the logger will start communicating with the driver. In this state, there is no logging possible.

When you first connect a logger to a Windows 7 PC, Windows will verify it's driver. PLEASE note this can take up to 5 minutes.

If you plug it in and unplug it, expecting the light to turn on immediately it will never set the port.

If you use windows 10 , please read the following instructions (Windows 10 , please follow this instruction link )

On some computers, the USB ports signal can be too weak and it might be required to hold the button down as you connect it.

This will force the USB driver of the PC to function properly.


When the unit is connected to the car, using the provided OBDII power adapter, it only benefits from is power. ( there is no communication wires)

In this state the unit will initiate a connection to the satellites and will eventually start logging.

The first time it is powered or after the logger is erased, the logger can take up to 3 minutes before being ready.

Please also note: If the button is pressed while connecting it to the car power, the unit will put itself into data transfer mode and will not be able to log anything.

If this is the case, simply unplug the logger, wait 5 to 10 seconds and then reconnect it, making sure not press the button while reconnecting.

If the button is dirty and gets stuck and stay depressed ( you cant always hear the clicking sound) the unit will not work properly and will not log anything


We always recommend using the supplied OBDII adapter as this is the safest and most reliable power source.
The supplied USB cigarette adapter is used when you need to temporarily use another car.


Some new cars have USB connectors or radios with USB ports to play music from a USB key. Those connectors are not compatible with the TripLogik

As there are communication pins, the car will try to initiate a communication with the TripLogik.  When a device is trying to communicate with the TripLogik, the later will prevent it from longing any trips.

Car USB ports are not always on. When you turn the contact key off, they power down, turning off or resetting the GPS.

Every time you will start the car, it will need to reconnect with satellites, if you start driving while this is happening, your "start from address" will always be wrong, and you will lose mileage.

If you have no light, please do the following

    1. Make sure the OBDII adapter is connected correctly.
    2. Try to test with the cigarette lighter ( making sure the ignition key is turned on to power it).
    3. In both cases wait a minimum of 3 minutes. ( it is also recommended to do this when your car is in an open space so the satellites will be in sight).
    4. Look to see if the logger's connector is clean and free of dust, lint or any other debris.
    5. Test the button to see if it will "click" like a computer mouse would do.  If this is not the case, look to see if it was not pushed in too deep as  it might be stuck from a previous use. ( Stuck button will prevent the unit from logging and working normally)
    6. Be careful when connecting the logger to the USB connector. Mini USB connectors have tiny pins that can get moved if the connector is not aligned correctly. It is possible to check the pins inside the loggers connector with a magnifying glass and see if they are all positioned up properly.

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