Windows 10 contains a widely documented "bug" about USB3 ports not always detecting the devices which are connected to it.

Why is your device not powering up or turns off ?

The problem is caused by Windows 10
Windows 10 can power down devices on USB ports in order to save power.
The consequence of cutting power to a USB devices, while an application is using it, is of course, a failure.
Ironically, when Windows 10 turns OFF a USB device, it will show an error message, it just created itself.
"The device has malfunctioned windows does not recognize the device" or "Error while downloading..."

This type of problem does not only affect the TripLogik , but all kinds of other USB devices as well.

Our solution ( because Microsoft has none ! )
It is possible to deactivate this function by using the registry editor.

Since this is a Windows 10  bug and that Microsoft has no solution to offer

We created a small utility application which allows you to deactivate the power management when used with a TripLogik device

How to fix this


Connect your TripLogik in the USB port of your PC

The TL1000 might turn ON and turn OFF again or remain ON for a longer time then turns OFF again.
If an error message displays, close the warning window for the moment.


This software application must be started in "administrator mode"
Thus make sure you have administrative rights on your PC.
If you are not certain,

  • Right click on the software icon
  • A menu will appear.
  • Selected "Run as administrator "


If you don't have administration privileges, your computer will prevents you from running this application. In such a case, please ask your IT administrator to run it for you.
Windows will prevent the application from running if you don't have admin privilege (this is part of windows protection)
If this is your personal PC, make certain the user name you are using has administration privileges. 

If you get a security warning message like the following image.

Click "Run" to continue



When the software starts

  • 1) Select the language to use ( from the flags)
  • 2) Accepted conditions of use ( select I agree )
  • 3) Click on OK


If you had already connected your device (several minutes before)

  • 1) The software will show the serial number of your TripLogik and it will already be selected.
  • 2) If it is not the case, connect your device and click Refresh
  • 3) If your device is shown, ensure it is checked and click the Run button.


If the application has successfully modified your settings, a green check-mark will display next to your serial number.
You can click the "Exit" to close the application.

Further to this modification, Windows10 will not deactivate the device anymore


This only had to be done once,  unless you add a new logger with a different serial number OR that Windows was updated on your PC
This modification ONLY affects the TripLogik USB connection and cannot settle any other communication problem with other devices using USB3 on windows 10


Disconnect the TripLogik from your computer, wait 3 seconds and reconnect it.

Your device can now remain ON permanently and will prevent Windows 10 from deactivating it.

This will effectively prevent Windows from turning OFF the device and creating itself an "unknown devices error"