As of April 15 2019, please get the TripLogik Manager version 1.2 from the Apple App store

Apple App Store

In December 2017, there were some changes to the Google connection API and the TripLogik Manager Software was updated to work properly .

You must update your TripLogik Manager Software to the latest version. 

To check your version, In the Manager Software, click on the question mark info Icon.

The version information window will show you the current version you are using

The current version is 1.0.5 WITH BUILD 2437 

Any version 1.0.5 with a build before 2437 will not work.

If you are getting an error at this time, we strongly suggest you synchronize your instrument more often. 
This update was built in early January of 2018.

Please take note that you have to install BUILD version on 2437
Without this version, it will be impossible to you to make a synchronization

To verify the version you are using, click the question mark at the top has right of the TripLogik Manager Mac

Update Procedure  

You have to uninstall the already installed version and install the new version

We recommend you to make a backup copy of your database  (The file with your data containing your trips)

  1. Make a backup copy of your data file
  2. Uninstall the Manager software like any other application
  3. Download the most recent version of the software from the website or 
  4. Install the software
  5. Start the new software and check the build version ( it must be Build 2437 or larger) 
  6. Verify that your data are still there. If not 
  7. Close the software
  8. Copy your database backup copy into the empty TripLogikDatavase.db file in the "Document" Folder 
  9. Start the software again


How to Make a backup copy of your database

  1. Close the TipLogik Manager Software Mac
  2. Open Finder
  3. Select the "Documents" folder
  4. Copy the file names  TripLogikDatabase.db in a secure place. (External Hard disk, USB keys, backup cloud,, etc.)

How to restore a backup copy of your database

The principle is the same as the backup, but the other way

  1. Close the TripLogik Manager Mac software
  2. Open Finder
  3. Select the folder where you made your backup copy to
  4. Copy the backup file TripLogikDatabase.db back into your computer the "Documents" folder ( write over the existing one if any) 

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