no one else is responsible for your data but yourself... it is as easy as making a file copy when you know where it is ...
It should always be done before updating the manager too.

Once you have done a complete sync of your instrument, we strongly suggest you make a backup copy of the file.

Location of the Database file in Mac 
By default , the software will store the file in the document folder under a separate folder named TripLogik

File Name

The file name is TripLogikDatabase.db

Backup Space

TripLogik strongly recommends making backups of your database files and other important data by means of an external disk, or an on-line backup

The data file called Database file can be copied like any other normal file to an alternate location for backup Any standard media can be used

  • USB Key
  • External Hard disk 
  • Windows Server
  • NAS storage
  • Cloud storage

If you would like to use the file from a network mapped drive, ensure your drive location has a full read write privilege. Same rule applies to application like OneDrive , GoogleDrive, DropBox or any other network file server.

Cloud Backup

TripLogik was tested with different cloud backup system 

Most of those system use a local folder on your PC that will eventually sync to the cloud hard disk
Some of the tested system are listed below, but it can probably work with any system where the folder can be reached by the manager software.

Files can also be used from mapped drive on a corporate file server.   

Sync Online backup   With data hosted in Canada  ( Triplogik user can get a free 5Gb) 

DropBox   Hosted in the US  some free limited account or commercial  

Google Drive   Hosted in the US , works with your Google Account


Sync Backup  offers TripLogik users 5Gb of free online storage to make automatic backup of TripLogik files and other important info.

The free software allows you to configure automatic backup to their secured server via the internet.
The data transmission uses an encryption key protecting your files while in transit.

The configuration of the software also allows you to backup files the moment they change or within 60 minutes of its last change.
Sync is a Canadian Company from Toronto Canada, and is a reliable and safe solution to backup Outlook email and Office files.
Visit Sync to try it out now and get 5Gb free!  Sync Backup website


Sync is compatible with PC, Mac 

TripLogik do not offer support for Sync or any other backup application. 

For any service issues with Sync, please consult Sync support directly