If you installed the Manager 2.0 with the demo database

When you log into the Manager you will see the demo user ( and a note that you are in demo mode)

The demo data is made to evaluate the manager software if you don"t have an instrument or before you purchase one.

You cannot add you instrument 

How to convert the Application to real use non demo 

  1. Login to the Manager using the default user name and password already in the login screen
  2. Click OK
  3. In the Manager, click on the Register Menu (top right)

If you already have a user name (unlikely, unless you had installed the Manager 2.0 else ware with the user name you are about to reuse)
1) Click on the I already has an existing user button
2) If this is a new user installs, fill in the new user registration and click on OK 


For the rest of the install , please look at the video Manual on how to install and configure the Manager 2.0
Link to video here:   First use of TripLogik Manager 2.0