Properly installed ?
Make sure the TL1000 is exposed to the sky. Best place is on the dashboard on the left side (or right for right side drivers)

Close to the A pliart

Are you outside ?

Satellites don't work inside, in tunnels and garage , park outside to test it  

Deleted instrument ?
If the instrument was just erased and connected to the car, it is normal to take longe the first time the conexion is made.

Full instrument ?
If the instrument is full or almost full it will start beeping and flashing, and will act like there is no satellite signal,
Sync the instrument, double check all data is transferred, backup your data, then delete the data from the instrument

Rare exceptions

Some cars have heating appliances and "heads-up" type reflectors in the windshield that block the radio signal of the satellites. keep them away from this and on board cameras.

There is usually a section that is free of these obstacles.

More references and guides
If this fails, please consult the following guides

Troubleshooting guide

Delete data in instrument 

or contact us via a support ticket.