Why use this function

  • If you go to a place and don't stay long enough for the trip to be considered completed 

  • If you need to change the type of trip you are recording as you are driving or from where you are


Before you can use this function 

You must check your instrument settings with the Manager to ensure this function is configured before installing the instrument in the car

  1. Start the Manager Software 
  2. Connect the TL1000 to your computer and wait until it is detected by the PC 
  3. Click on Settings menu and select the Instrument tab 
  4. Check Reminder after force new trip is selected  
  5. Ensure the "Force new trip start" is selected

How to use it in the car 

How to "Split a trip" 

Say you drive to a location for personal reasons.

At the destination, you stop, but only for a few seconds to drop someone off, than drive away from this location.

Since you did not stop long enough, the instrument will keep record the entire trip into one continue trip with the type you selected at the start. 

Reason 1

you need to record the address of this destination even if you stopped for a short time 

Reason 2

You are delivery man, you only stop for a minute at each destination, and you need to record every leg of you trip. 

Reason 3

You are making a trip that will include different trip types on the way.   

Pretend you are driving from location A to location B in personal mode, you stop only for a minute at location B. You leave from location B to go to location C but this leg is a business trip.

Since you were in personal mode, from point A to B, your need to tell the instrument point B to point C will be business.  

Because you are changing trip type, logically, this becomes a new trip altogether.

To tell the instrument you need to start a new trip from this point

  1. Press and hold the blue button
  2. The instrument will sound 1 long beep followed by 4 short beep. ( click on the "Split a Trip" button below to hear what it sounds like)
  3. Release the button after the 4 short beeps
  4. If you are already moving, the instrument will sound the new trip sound ( click on the "New trip Start" button below to hear what it sounds like)
  5. At this point, press the button to tell it is is a business or don't press if it is personal 


If you press and hold the button like in step 2, while you are not moving New Trip Start sound will only happen once you start moving again .

Since it is a new trip, it is acting like if you are stating any other new trip.

Split Start a New Trip  described in step 2  ( when you keep the button pressed for more than 3 sec)  

New Trip Start described in step 3 ( when you start driving a new trip)


We strongly suggest you properly mount the unit as per the installation instructions. Pressing a button can become a hazardous distraction if it is not in front of you where it is recommended.