If your unit needs to be repaired

Please open a service ticket in the tickets section so that our service department can make a quick diagnostic.
We will send you a small procedure in order to determine possible cause that might not require a repair and possibly help you solve the issue.

Once the diagnostic is done, and support determines device is required we will communicate trough the same ticket for a complete follow up .

Warranty repairs

If you already open a support ticket and the diagnostic was found by our technician, 

We will contact you with an RMA procedures including all the instructions.

Please note:

Proof-of-purchase or original warranty registration is required for warranty repairs.

Out of warranty or damaged equipment repairs

In a world of "throw away" TripLogik believes in making durable products that can be fixed when minor oops of life happens.

TripLogik provides out of warranty repairs on damaged system.

Depending on the extend of the damages, it is seldom possible to repair instruments and in most cases restore data from it .

Repair prices vary from $5 to $95 , depending on the issue.

Repairs are warranted for 90 days

Main items that can be repaired 

  • Broken USB connector
  • Water corroded USB connector 
  • Water infiltration on main GPS 
  • Broken case
  • CPU and Sounder and other solid state  

Note: OBD power supply damaged by water or by car boosting over voltage cannot be repaired as they are fully sealed and encapsulated.